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Dramatic Growth of Open Access 2012: early year-end edition

By Anne Langley | December 13, 2012

Editorial: The past year has seen amazing and dramatic growth for many aspects of the open access movement. Heather Morrison, a doctoral candidate at Simon Frasier University presents an amazing array of statistics that paint a picture of this growth. For many participants, this year was a tipping point in the OA movement. It feels like we have reached a place where the successes were big, and significant.

A few numbers from the site:

  • The total number of OA journals increased by 1,133 over past year or 3 titles per day. (present total = 8,461 journals) From the Directory of Open Access Journals
  • The total number of repositories increased by 449 or 8.6 per week. (present total = 3,032 repositories) From Registry of Open Access Repositories
  • The total number of PubMedCentral articles is up 300,000 in past year, 821 per day or 1 article every 2 minutes. (present total = 2.6 million articles) From PubMedCentral
  • Read the full story and marvel at the numbers.


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